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  • 17. Oktober 2021

    Xfinity 3 Year Agreement

    Update: Last month – On the phone I tried to negotiate my double price increase after my contract ended, I was told that they would cancel my service if I wanted to. I was a customer over 30 years old, but they didn`t even hit an eyelash when I went to one of their stores with all my equipment. I learned from this site what to do. I took my wife with me, I had a NEW account and a contract set up in her name and just like that. obtained the NEW prices of the customer plan and the new equipment. The biggest pain was that we had to put all our TV series back into DVR, but our bill went from $208/month to $99/month. And when that contract expires, I`ll go in with her and become a new customer again and we`ll do it again and again! In fact, even the customer service representative at the counter knew what we were doing, and it seems that Comcast would rather do more paperwork for a new customer than just give the same offer to the one who has been with them for decades! Therefore, let the games start, and for these monthly savings, there will be new customers all the time a contract expires. I`ve been using the online chat channel for years to reduce my bill. As you mentioned recently, their online channel has really tightened their storage responsibility and they are no longer working on finding an alternative package.

    I just left the phone with Comcast. We had (3) conversion boxes (1 of which is a DVR), a 110MB internet connection, all premium and sports channels with the phone at $244/month. Eliminated (1) box, cut off all additional sports channels and premium channels except HBO, reduced internet speed to 25MB and received a promotional package that was good for one year at $174.00/month. However, HBO will now be billed at $5/month for (6) months (included in the $174 figure) and will increase to $10/month after 6 months. Thanks for the advice! I can`t find anywhere on my bill telling me if I signed up for 1, 2, 100 years and when it would end. Let`s hope the LoL doesn`t bother me. I tried haggling with Direct TV. I`ve been with them since 2010, so after 4 years I came across these sites.

    I haggled $25 of my bill for 12 months. The other day I called them for another promo, they told me they had nothing but free Cinemax, Showtime, etc. I called a week later and they said, „They have a $5 discount promotion for 12 months.“ I cancel my services so that my account is no longer active. Direct-to-head TV still works even if they have disconnected my services. First part (2.2.17) Thanks to all the posters here. I lived in Buffalo for ten years, where my Time Warner TV and Internet were part of my entire building. I moved to Pennsylvania and was informed by the real estate agent that Comcast was the only supplier. First mistake to believe it. Second, in a moment of weakness, you had to be attracted to buy Comcast`s Triple Play Bundle. My billing was $220 per month, consisting of: HD Premier XF Bundle with all movie channels, on demand, „Blast!“ Internet access for $119 (promotion), from $154 (package price) to $216 (actual price). The hardware is, an HD/DVR main box, a second HD box for the bedroom, and a rented modem ($10 per month forever).


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