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  • 15. Oktober 2021

    What Is Mcc Agreement In Nepali

    Foreign Minister Gyawali has repeatedly denied that the MCC Nepal Compact talks about IPS. He stated that there was no need to worry as the implementation of projects under the MCC is directed exclusively by the Pact. The Nepali Congress, under whose leadership the pact was first signed, adopts the same position. Congress says the administration must adhere to the agreement, which does not talk about the IPS, regardless of what officials, including the United States, say. Congress called on the administration to prioritize the pact for ratification at this session of the House of Representatives and expand its cooperation in this process. Opposition leaders have even warned that it would be „suicidal“ for Nepal if parliament rejected the pact, as it would have lasting consequences for diplomatic relations between Nepal and the United States. There are several cases in which USA Compacts end partially or completely for a variety of reasons. The pacts for Madagascar and Mali were completely terminated, while those for Nicaragua and Honduras were partially withdrawn. In Mali, the end followed the military coup at the end of March.

    While some sections of the ruling Communist Party of Nepal express reservations about the pact, which calls it an integral part of the U.S. Indo-Pacific strategy, the agreement has not been ratified even three years after the pact was signed by the two governments. Amid controversy over the U.S. aid program, leaders of Nepal`s ruling Communist Party recently agreed to have the pact ratified after some revisions. Some leaders suggested that clarification be sought from the US side on certain provisions of the agreement. But MCC`s residency office in Nepal said the U.S. has yet to receive a notice seeking clarification. If parliament does not approve the Millennium Challenge Corporation pact, even in the upcoming winter session, serious questions will be raised about the future of the multi-million dollar US aid deal, a senior MCC Nepal official said. However, it is not confirmed whether Nepal would be part of the US military alliance by simply ratifying the MCC and whether it opposes any third country. The pros and cons of MCC could have been discussed before the country accepted it. Most skepticism about MCC seems to be more for domestic consumption than realistic.

    Nepal must show its intelligence, talents and courage to judge whether or not the MCC is really in the interest of the nation. If there was any doubt about this, why did Nepal sign an agreement with the MCC? The agreement has many asymmetrical qualities. Pursuant to Article 7.1, the MCC Agreement takes „precedence over the domestic laws of Nepal“, while Article 5.1(iii) states that MCC funds may not be used to violate U.S. law „or the policy of the United States Government.“ But the real controversy is not about the asymmetrical nature of the deal, but about Nepal`s phobia that US aid is part of the Indo-Pacific strategy and can be used for military purposes. Since mcC grant assistance must be approved by the U.S. Congress, the U.S. government seeks the same level of commitment from recipient countries. As a result, most countries ratify the MCC Pact through their parliaments. However, their agreements do not say that the provisions of the pact would prevail over national laws in the event of contraction, according to the expert who previously worked for the MCA. The Pact will be signed on 14 September 2017 in Washington DC between Nepal and the MCC in the Treaty Room of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    Finance Minister Gyanendra Bahadur Karki and MCC Acting CEO Jonathan Nash chanted the Pact agreement. The MCC agreement in section 2.7 clearly states that the funds cannot be used for the military, but some readers look at section 6.8, which grants immunity to MCC employees in „all courts and tribunals of Nepal, and fear that this may be used for military purposes.“ There is no doubt that diplomats should continue to enjoy diplomatic immunity, but should immunity be granted for other activities? Isn`t this a violation of Nepal`s sovereignty? The MCC pact does not say this must be ratified by the Nepalese parliament. .

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