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  • 20. Dezember 2020

    What Is A Property Line Agreement

    Despite an agreement, disputes can still arise over an agreed demarcation line. The reason is that an agreed demarcation line can generally be called into question as long as there is no evidence of a previous agreement. The answer: The quick answer to your first question is: yes. A border line agreement is necessary because the title company does not guarantee the buyer`s ownership interest in the land between the boundary of the land and the fence without written insurance in which the neighbour declares that he is not entitled to the land. A family buys land next to vacant land and plans to build a house. After watering the property, they are informed that the pipe is contested with the owner of the vacant lot. After careful negotiations between the two parties, landowners agreed on a new border that would benefit both needs. They sign a draw agreement to enshrine the agreed limit in the law. If you think your neighbour is starting to use your land, even if it`s just a secondary thing, like building a fence in the wrong place or installing a drainage pipe that crosses the property`s border, you need to act immediately. Ownership limits are very important when it comes to using land, and even a small intervention by your neighbour in your country can have consequences that you cannot predict. For example, if there is no evidence that a previous agreement has been reached, it does not matter whether the parties erected a fence or otherwise made the agreed demarcation line known.

    It must be proven that the parties have reached an agreement. If you have questions about border line agreements or other real estate issues, please contact an experienced lawyer at (914) 338-8050. For more information about our company, please visit www.betenskylaw.com. As in most situations, the best option is to talk to your neighbour as soon as you notice the procedure. In many situations, the neighbour will have made a simple mistake in his design and will probably correct the error. However, if your neighbour does not want to work together, it is best to draw attention to the act that indicates the boundaries of the land, or even to call on a surveyor to go out and place new property lines.

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