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  • 20. Dezember 2020

    What Is A Chess Sponsorship Agreement

    Paragraphs 7.5 and 7.6 discuss the actions we will take in the event of death and/or bankruptcy. Simply put, CHESS Sponsored means that the ASX keeps a list of who owns which shares. If your shares are „CHESS Sponsored,“ it means that when buying or selling shares, ASX has the record of direct possession of those shares. This is the main way people buy and sell shares, you don`t have to choose to be aware only when you choose a broker. We will be later in different arrangements. If, in accordance with your written instructions, we change your registration data for the CHESS entries we sponsor, CHESS will also notify you directly or confirm that your property name/address has changed, that your sponsorship has changed or what other issues concern your business, regardless of the case. This is an effective security measure. If you receive such a message and have not given us the order to make these changes, please contact us immediately. We and our duly appointed agent have access to and manage the chess stocks that we sponsor. Each CHESS statement identifies us by our participant number. It also identifies you by listing your HIN. You must keep your HIN confidential, as this is the key to your inventory, not like your PIN, to access your bank account. Your Security Holder Reference Number (NRS) for issuer-sponsored holdings (if any) must also be treated confidentially.

    In the event of an unauthorized transfer of part or all of your holdings for any reason, ASX billing rules require us to resume operations. Behind us is the National Guarantee Fund. If we do not reintroduce the holding company (s), an unauthorized right to transfer to the National Guarantee Fund may be invoked as compensation. SponsoringS explanation When I first entered stock trading, it was something I searched a lot on Google and couldn`t really understand. The name itself is misleading – what does my knowledge of chess have to do with it? (No concrete question I asked). Who sponsors my actions and why do it? I`m going to get rid of the jargon to help you understand what it means and why you should care. Contractual Terms This statement is only a summary of the agreement (see point 7.4 of the sponsorship agreement). It is neither a substitute nor a part of the sponsorship agreement, nor any other agreement per se. By signing the sponsorship contract, you appoint us as sponsorship participants for ITS-traded non-derivative financial products that you buy about us. We are pleased to sponsor other participations sponsored or sponsored by another asX participant (i.e. ASX Stockbroker).

    FinEx is a party to a stock and derivatives clearing agreement with FinClear Pty Ltd (clearing Participant). The compensatory member is required to fulfill his obligations as a client and has obligations to settle all ASX transactions. As a participant in the sponsorship on CHESS, only we and our authorized chess agent can give instructions regarding the management or conversion of your funds sponsored by us, or be transferred to or by your sponsored holdings after payment of your transactions or retraction information.

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