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  • 11. April 2021

    Prenup Agreement Ph

    This form is also known as: pre-marriage contract, marriage contract, pre-marriage contract, pre-marriage contract to sign, Prenup marriage documents are often used to protect the rich from a financially disastrous marriage or an expensive „divorce“. The richer, the more important the Prenup becomes. But it`s not always the rich who need prenups. Different people may have specific reasons for wanting or needing a prenup. Many couples who are together in their year (just the month) decide to get married because they feel, in every aspect, that they are ready to assume their responsibilities. Mentally, they think this is the next logical step, once they have reached a certain point in their relationship. Emotionally, they think they are mature enough to have children. And then there`s the physical aspect i`m-getting-any-younger. But if all you`ve done in financial terms is get stable jobs and save enough money to live on, you might also consider getting a marriage deal. If you decide to go through a prenup, an option would be the marital partnership of profits in which the real estate acquired by the spouse before marriage are the only ones to be his, but all the income, products, fruits and income of these real estate and real estate acquired by one or two spouses by effort or by chance are placed in a mutual fund and considered as common. If the spouses separate, this pool will be distributed equally to them. A marriage agreement may include the conditions that the parties wish to determine for their affairs.

    However, the Family Code provides for certain specific schemes that are the parties: in the Philippines, As a Catholic country and, in fact, the only remaining country (outside the Vatican) not to allow divorce, marriage is placed on a pedestal that puts it „tainted“ with practicality and, to some extent, treats marriage, as if a fusion of assets is a kind of good that surpasses grandiose and sometimes unreasonable conceptions of love and what it means to become a partner for life. In a way, for some people, the idea of having to take a prenup, as it is colloquially known, is an insult and a sign of a loved one`s distrust. A marriage contract in the Philippines must be signed by the parties and at least two witnesses of the legal age before the celebration of the marriage. Having said all the legalities and costs of the Prenup, I would like to add that you must also put his heart and soul into it. The best agreement can be destroyed without the spirit of trust and understanding. This agreement is reached by two persons before they are married or merged by a civil union. These agreements generally contain provisions relating to the distribution of ownership and payment of spout assistance in the event of separation. A marriage agreement could provide for the financial security of the less fortunate spouse in the event of a „divorce.“ In this case, the less well-off spouse would be entitled to a financial guarantee from the more affluent spouse, the usual conditions being that the divorce is not due to infidelity, the fact that the couple is married for a number of years and/or that the marriage engenders children.

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