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  • 15. Dezember 2020

    Power Purchase Agreements France

    Norwegian energy company Statkraft, which agreed to buy 600 GWh between May and December 2031, will be Norwegian energy company Statkraft. The financial terms of the AEA were not disclosed. Boralex Boralex develops, builds and operates renewable energy facilities in Canada, France, the United Kingdom and the United States. With an installed capacity of 2,040 MW, Boralex is a market leader in Canada and the largest independent producer of onshore wind energy in France. Boralex ensures sustainable growth by leveraging the know-how and diversification developed over the past 30 years. Boralex shares are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol BLX. For more information, see www.boralex.com. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. This is the approach usually used in the UK (although synthetic AAEs have been seen in the UK). In this approach, the business buyer enters PPA with the generator. The company`s purchaser includes an AAE at the same time as its established energy supplier.

    This second AAE requires the supply company to be the buyer`s representative in managing the operation of electricity from the production facility. In general, the design of related AAEs is designed to reduce the risk to the buyer of the business by fulfilling as much as possible the obligations and commitments. As a general rule, the purchaser of the business will be in agreement with the utility on how the intermittent power of the production facility is charged on the company`s electricity needs. These are usually administrative charges related to the intermittent nature of this production. While this approach has been common to date, it is not the only approach possible. The author is currently developing alternative approaches that offer a much more standardized and powerful approach to overcoming some common problems in the UK market, including the long trading period required to document transactions and difficulties working for multi-buyer structures. Multi-buyer structures include the use of more than one business buyer to support a project, either through a series of parallel PPAs with different business buyers or through the creation of a single purchase vehicle involving several business buyers. While Credit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale was pleased to be the first bank in France to sign a green-electric AAE, the agreement was not the first to be guaranteed by Voltalia. In May, the developer – which has a production capacity of 1 GW in service and construction and a 7.1 GW development pipeline – signed a PPP with the Boulanger Group to power a 5 MW solar project. A month later, Voltalia signed a 143 MW solar PPA with French rail operator SNCF.

    It published an expression of interest in 2017 in which it announced plans to buy about 20% of its electricity from renewable energy sources by 2025. Multinational distributor Auchan has also signed agreements with Boralex and Eurowatt for the expansion of the production of two wind farms of 13 wind turbines in the Hauts-de-France and the Loire Valley. If these facilities are no longer incentivized by the government, they will continue to produce for the energy consumer until December 2023. Sébastien Clerc, CEO of the developer, said: „This partnership is yet another example of our leadership in the production of competitive renewable energy through corporate PPAs in the French market.

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