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  • 14. Dezember 2020

    Pdpa Agreement

    Allows UW to determine what happens with personal data when it is no longer required to process data by the contractor or when the underlying agreement (z.B. a service contract) expires. In particular, Section 10 of the PDPA provides that the cooperation agreement must be concluded for the purpose of: In this context, the cooperation agreement may contain provisions: The Microsoft data transfer contract is a modification (modification-ID M314) of the conditions of data processing in our online terms of service. It adds important obligations, including that Microsoft informs the customer of any legally binding request for disclosure of personal data; submit its data processing facilities, at the request of the customer, either by the customer or by an independent third party, for review; and obtains prior written consent for the use of subcontractors. The PDPC may enter into a cooperation agreement with a foreign data protection authority on data protection issues, such as cross-border cooperation. Cooperation can take the form of an exchange of information or other necessary support to assist in the enforcement or management of data protection legislation. In accordance with Argentina`s National Constitution, the Personal Data Protection Act 25.326 (PDPA) (Ley de Proteccién de los Datos Personales) was adopted in 2000 to protect the privacy of personal data and to allow individuals to access all information stored in public and private databases and registers. The Argentine Agency for Access to Public Information (AAIP) is responsible for the enforcement of this law within the Chief of Staff of Ministries. Under the PDPA, the CPPP can, under a cooperation agreement, only accuse a foreign information data protection authority if it requests in writing that authority and requires it to comply with the conditions set out in this agreement, including provisions that comply with the provisions of a written law relating to the disclosure of such information by the CPPP. Microsoft is contractually committed, through Microsoft`s Online Service Terms, to suring that our handy cloud business services have implemented technical and organizational security measures that can help our customers comply with Argentina`s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) 25.326. Microsoft also provides a data transfer agreement to facilitate compliance with 60-E/2016, which governs the cross-border transfer of personal data. This means that Microsoft customers can use Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365 in a manner equivalent to PDPA in Argentina. The PDPC may initiate a commitment procedure that includes a written agreement between the organization and the PDPC, in which the organization voluntarily commits to correcting violations and taking steps to prevent re-emergence.

    An important aspect is the effectiveness of the recovery plan and the organization`s willingness to implement it without delay. The organization`s request to avail itself of the undertaking procedure must be made very quickly after the incident is announced.

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