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  • 14. Dezember 2020

    Ole Miss Capital Gift Agreement

    Subscriptions now start at only $50, and there`s a level for every Ole Miss fan. Each new stage offers the member additional benefits such as special event invitations, exclusive gifts, priority points, the ability to purchase series tickets and much more. As in the past, members receive one point for every 100 $US ticket and for every season card purchased. Membership of the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation and donations of priority seats amounted to $22.2 million (48.7 percent) of the $45.6 million in gifts, an increase of $6.6 million over the previous year. „It is important that the name and mission of our athletics foundation be clear and recognizable,“ said Ross Bjork, Ole Miss Director of Athletics. „As part of this rebrand, we are reorganizing our donation levels and inserting a new annual fund program that would deliver on our promises of simplicity and inclusion while maximizing the affiliate experience. From day one, we asked the Ole Miss family to do their best, and we believe that the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation is one of the best vehicles to achieve this. As part of Capital Together`s $150 million, $150 million campaign, the south end area will be renovated around 30 luxury suites and 770 club seats, and the Western Suites will all be overhauled. While these updates will be completed this fall, the largest changes to the facility are in preparation for 2016. The club is under construction and the north side of the stadium is being transformed into an exciting new „gateway“ with a square and a bell tower. A green space will also extend The Grove`s Walk of Champions to the new square.

    The closure of the seats in the northern end area will increase the stadium`s capacity to 64,038 and will put polishing on one of the country`s elite college football facilities. List Ole Miss as a beneficiary to obtain assets such as retirement savings and life insurance after your life. It`s a simple and flexible way to give. You are not caught up in the decisions you make today; You can check and customize recipient designations at any time. And since Ole Miss is tax-exempt, the university receives everyone and not just a portion of your gift. With donations of money raised by the Vaught Society, $4 million was donated through future gift contracts. The second function of the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation is to fund capital projects such as Forward Together Campaign, which focuses on creating facilities at the championship level. These funds come directly from donors in two forms. If you`ve built a large property and are looking for ways to get reliable payments, you can explore building a residual not-for-profit trust. Benefits include the potential for a partial income tax deduction; The potential for higher incomes and the prevention of capital gains tax.

    This can be done in two ways. A pension fund pays you the same amount in dollars each year that you choose at the beginning. Your payments remain the same, regardless of the fluctuations in trust investments. A Unitrust pays you a variable amount each year based on a fixed percentage of the fair value of fiduciary values. The amount of your payments is redefined annually. In November, Hollingsworth committed $25 million for Ole Miss Athletics, consisting of $10 million in cash for the current year, and the remaining $15 million was set aside, including an $11 million trust funded as part of a restructuring plan.

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