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  • 12. Dezember 2020

    Mercedes Benz Maintenance Agreement

    – all maintenance work, including the oil change required by ASSYST PLUS, a country maintenance algorithm, service intervals and maintenance items – Only original Mercedes-Benz parts are used – All wear parts such as engine lubricant, light bulbs, brake pads, brake discs, air filters and fuel filters are covered , as well as the major revisions or repairs that often follow, these are small details that testify to excellent service – for example, when your authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer disappears the troublesome traces of everyday use. Find out the best service for you and your Mercedes. Pay in advance and reap the rewards. 2- and 3-year plans are available for vehicles under 8 years of age or older and less than 80,000 miles. The required service must be performed every year or every 10,000 miles and includes an oil change, filter exchange, fluid control, multi-point inspection and much more. In addition, you can save up to 30% of routine maintenance costs. With prepaid maintenance, all your vehicle needs are already paid for thousands of miles in advance, and for months in advance. You don`t even need to think about regular service dates: displaying the standard service interval in your Mercedes automatically reminds you of upcoming maintenance work. Another advantage: wear or potential damage can be detected in a timely manner to avoid further repair work. The Mercedes-Benz prepaid maintenance plan is designed to maximize the life of your vehicle`s components and systems for optimal performance.

    The plan gives you value; Up to 30% savings compared to buying maintenance, as you go and a convenient way to wait for your vehicle without having to pay later – so you can avoid unwanted surprises. Compliance with the factory maintenance also contributes to the validity of your warranty. Prepaid maintenance is available for most Mercedes-Benz models [1] at the time of purchase or at any time prior to the first scheduled maintenance service. That`s why we offer Mercedes-Benz service. Choose more security and security with a personalized service package that`s right for you and your Mercedes. Best or nothing. This statement represents Mercedes-Benz`s claim to develop and build highly sought-after first-class vehicles. And of course this also applies to the Mercedes-Benz service. We are your reliable partner – for all the questions and tasks that concern your Mercedes, from maintenance to services such as .B.

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