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  • 24. September 2021

    Joint Development Agreement Plc

    This Joint Development Agreement is adopted as of June 2018 („Effective Date“) by OT&T Land and Cattle Company, a Kansas Company („OT&T“), at 920 Main Street, #1950, Kansas City, MO 64105; and Achievement Enterprises, Inc., a Kansas company („Achievement“), addressed at 920 Main Street, #1950, Kansas City, MO 64105; and Blackwick Farms, LLC, a limited liability company in Colorado („Blackwick“) (together the „Parties“). The parties each own properties in north-central El Paso County, Colorado, near the City of Calhan, these lands being adjacent, but for U.S. Highway 24, and wish to enter into this agreement to outline the parties` respective rights, obligations, and obligations with respect to the common and cooperative development and use of their real property. An agreement in which a landowner contributes his land to the construction of a real estate project and the developer assumes responsibility for the development of the property, obtaining authorizations, carrying out legal formalities and marketing the project. The landowner concludes an agreement and gives the developer a general mandate that gives him the obligation to obtain the mandatory authorizations from different authorities and allows the developer to enter the country and do all the things necessary to carry out the construction. Ohara Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., headquartered in Shiga, Japan; Director General: Seiji Ohara; `Ohara`) has entered into a joint licensing and development agreement with J-Pharma Co., Ltd of 25 April 2019 for the new active substance JPH203. (Headquarters: Kanagawa, Japan; Vice Director and President: Hitoshi Endou, M.D., Ph.D.

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