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  • 11. Dezember 2020

    Ironworkers 721 Collective Agreement

    The fund is funded by contributions from Rodmen`s employers. Contribution rates are set in the applicable collective agreement The fund and the activity of the plan are controlled by a foundation board in which the Union and employers are represented in the same way. Directors serve without compensation. Categoryed in: Membership News, TOP NEWS, Uncategorised The Local 721 Rodmen Benefit Fund (Fund) offers eligible members a wide range of benefits such as weekly compensation and long-term disability, life insurance, complementary health and dental benefits. The management of the plan is the responsibility of a joint foundation board made up of representatives of employers and unions. Current Administrators are: Update: Please note that there is a special session on We believe the plan offers an excellent benefits package. It is our hope to continue to offer the best affordable benefits. However, due to the constantly changing economic environment, the benefits offered on this site cannot be guaranteed for the future. In order to protect the Fund, directors have the right to modify, remove, add or modify benefits from the plan, as they apply to all members and retirees, including the right to add or remove cash benefits or otherwise, as the circumstances warrant.

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