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  • 10. April 2021

    Guardsman Service Agreement Number

    Q: Does anyone have to come to my house or in business to make an estimate of the services? Since 1915, Guardsman has provided excellent furniture care and services and products specializing in the protection, maintenance and repair of your fabric and leather furniture. We offer tranquillity against everyday accidents such as spilled food or drink, so you can relax and enjoy your new furniture. Q: When will she charge my credit card for the service? Q: What if I have a guards plan for Guardsman`s furniture, but the service I need is not covered? Q: What happens if the technician fails to successfully resolve the problem he has put into service? Q: Will the products used to store or repair my furniture be safe for my family or colleagues? Q: How long does the maintenance or repair process take? Am I going to stay long without my furniture? If you select Send, you agree to the terms of use and the privacy policy. Q: When can I expect a technician to hear from a technician after being able to request an on-site visit? X General cleaning, wear, progressive stains or dirt, colour change, damage caused by chewing animals. Q: Can Guardsman still fix my furniture in my home or store? Q: Do you guarantee the repair of all damage to my furniture? An error when sending the email, please try again. Contact us here or find answers to the most common questions below. Q: Who comes to my house or store to maintain or repair my furniture? A Guardsman protection plan is furnishing insurance. It covers your new furniture against accidental stains and damage for five years. Q: What are the main types of damage that can be maintained or repaired in my home or store? During this time, you can submit as many claims as necessary. There is no surplus and you are covered for new parts, work and replacement items up to the compensation value of your plan. The compensation value is the price you originally paid for your sofa. Q: What if I need parts to repair my furniture? Thank you for your request, we will contact you soon. Q: Can you assemble or disassemble my furniture for me? Q: What should I do if the technician doesn`t come when I`m told he`s waiting for them? Q: How long does it take to get a technician in my house or business? You can also watch the FAQs below to see if the answer is there for you.

    We are here to answer any questions about Guardsman On-Site Care and Repair.

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