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  • 22. September 2021

    General Security Of Military Information Agreement (Gsomia

    The secret service pact, known as the GSOMIA (General Security of Military Information Agreement), allowed the two countries to directly exchange information about North Korea`s military and nuclear activities. The need for GSOMIA was felt amid a growing threat from North Korea, especially when it began conducting nuclear tests and developing ballistic missiles. The agreement was finally signed in November 2016. The U.S. interest in this agreement stems from its need to forge alliances in the northeast to analyze and respond to threats to North Korea. It is perhaps significant that China realizes that GSOMIA is an attempt by the US-Japan-South Korea trilateral alliance to contain Beijing and thus maintain some opposition between this trilateral alliance and that of China-North Korea-Russia. The first step towards improving security cooperation between Japan and South Korea should be an immediate renewal of GSOMIA. This would allow for the exchange of information on mutual security issues, which has proven to be beneficial for the three nations. By cooperating on common strategic interests in both countries and renouncing the invoking of nationalist anger in both countries, Tokyo and Seoul can lay the foundation for friendlier and more cooperative relations for the future.

    I postulate that these friendly relationships in turn help solve the long-standing problems that have influenced the relationship over the decades. Not only is a visit by President Trump to his top supporters in Northeast Asia long overdue, but would be the most important diplomatic trip of his first term. Its agenda is key to the successful establishment of a security position in the Asia-Pacific region. President Trump is expected to highlight how trilateral cooperation will resolve a number of diplomatic challenges toward North Korea. (2) Stresses the crucial role played by the alliances between the US and Japan, as well as the US and the Republic of Korea, in promoting peace, stability and security in the Indo-Pacific region; South Korea says it will pursue a pact with Japan, which has been threatened by a long-standing dispute. What further complicates matters is that South Korea announced its withdrawal from the bilateral military information exchange pact with Japan, known as GSOMIA, following its removal from the list of privileged trading partners (so-called white lists) on August 22, 2019. GSOMIA, signed in 2016 amid a series of nuclear tests conducted by North Korea, allowed for a broad exchange of information between the two countries on Pyongyang`s provocative activities in the region. Washington has asked Seoul to renew the pact, which is widely seen as a symbol of military cooperation between South Korea, Japan and the United States against North Korea.

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