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  • 09. Dezember 2020

    Frontier Airlines Collective Bargaining Agreement

    Teamsters Local 455 has ratified its first contract with low-cost company Frontier Airlines. The new collective agreement is valid for five years, but includes up to ten years of salary increase. „We are pleased that our maintenance controllers have ratified this five-year agreement,“ said Gary Appling, Vice President of Technical Operations, Frontier Airlines. „We would like to commend the efforts of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and the National Mediation Board to help us reach an agreement that benefits all and guarantees security for the future.“ In a statement, Frontier President and CEO Barry Biffle said the airline „is pleased to have reached this agreement with our pilots and believes it offers them top-notch salaries and benefits, while ensuring Frontier`s continued growth. This agreement that ensures security for the future of all. DENVER, CO – Low-cost airline Frontier Airlines and its cabin crew, represented by the Association of Flights-CWA (AFA), today announced the ratification of a new five-year collective agreement. Of the 88% of cabin crew eligible to vote, 94% voted in favour of the agreement. This is the sixth collective agreement between Frontier and its employees represented in just over two years. „We are pleased that our cabin crew has ratified this agreement,“ said Jake Filene, Senior Vice President, Customers of Frontier Airlines. I would like to thank our dedicated cabin crew members, the AFA Master Executive Council, the AFA and the company`s bargaining committees, and I would like to commend the dedicated work of the National Mediation Board in achieving this agreement that provides our flight attendants with the rules of pay, retirement and work they deserve. (DENVER) – With 97% of the participating bargaining units present, Aircraft Appearance agents, represented by Teamsters Local 455, voted unanimously in favour of ratifying their recent collective agreement with the company.

    PBS VOLUNTEERS spent the second half of the year setting up and testing the Navblue system and developing the new contractual arrangements necessary to implement preferential tenders. The MEC is tentatively scheduled to approve a PBS letter of agreement in January, under which the PBS committee will begin the process of training the pilot group and training the instructors who will launch the pilot group with NavBlue.

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