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  • 08. Dezember 2020

    Fair Labor Standards Act Collective Bargaining Agreement

    (2) Wage fixing involves significant errors or omissions. When it is clear in point (b) (1) or 2) of this section, the contracting entity contacts the Agency`s work advisor to take appropriate action. (3) The contractor may also use the e98 procedure on WDOL to ask the Ministry of Labour to make wage-fixing decisions. The Ministry of Labour`s response to the e98 may contain a request to the contract agent to provide a full copy of the collective agreement. All questions relating to the applicability of the status of laboratory contract service standards to a collective agreement should be directed to the Agency`s work advisor. (d) 1) Applicable to 41 United States. C 6707 (c) the client receives a copy of a collective agreement between an existing contractor or subcontractor and its employees. Obtaining a copy of a historical contractor`s collective agreement may involve coordination with the administrator responsible for managing the previous contract. (paragraph (m) of Clause 52.222-41, Service Contract Labor Standards, requires the current principal contractor to provide a copy of each collective agreement to the contract agent.) (a) the provisions and procedures relating to labour standards and procedures contained in the service contract (29 CFR, Part 4, Sub-Part A); (b) Repair does not include repair of damaged or defective equipment that does not require complete demolition, overhaul or reconstruction in accordance with paragraphs a) (1) and (a) (2) of this subsection, nor regular and regular maintenance, maintenance, maintenance, adjustment, maintenance or maintenance of equipment, in order to maintain it in an appropriate, functional and functional order. These contracts are usually billed on an hourly basis (work plus materials and parts). Any contract mainly for this type of work is subject to the Status of Laboratory Contract Service Standards.

    Examples of this work are: (1) Subject to the collective agreement; and (d) If the contract agent submitted an e98 to the Ministry of Labour and requested a wage fixing on the basis of a collective agreement and did not receive a response from the Ministry of Labour within ten days, the contract agent contacts the Wages and Hours Department by telephone to determine when wage setting is to be expected.

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