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  • 20. September 2021

    Exclusive Distributor Agreement Format India

    Since they can be of different species, such as the exclusive distribution agreement or the exclusive distribution agreement or the selective distribution agreement or the non-exclusive distribution agreement. Therefore, the design of the agreement must be in accordance with the type of agreement desired, which has been chosen by the parties interested in the contract with regard to the distribution/resale of the product, which specifies the nature of the agreement as well as the roles and responsibilities that should be fulfilled, as well as the order and payment schedules, depending on the delivery of the product and performance. In the event of a breach, the risk may be settled between the parties in accordance with the clauses agreed in accordance with the signed contract. This agreement was concluded on the day of and between …. Both the seller and the distributor must regularly and/or at the request of one of the parties provide reciprocal information and market reports in order to provide information on the provision of information in order to promote as much as possible the sale of products. The trader must provide the seller with reports such as inventory, market conditions and other activities of the trader. f. The receiving Party acknowledges that due to the uniqueness of the protected information, the receiving Party would suffer irreparable harm if the receiving Party breached its obligations under this Agreement and that financial compensation would not be sufficient to compensate the disclosed party for such infringement. Any agreement with such a sub-agent, sub-dispatcher, sub-representative or other person shall not extend beyond the term of this Agreement. .

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