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  • 09. April 2021

    Effects Of Non Registration Of Hire Purchase Agreement

    Tenant P`s authority had been duly determined in accordance with the terms of the agreement and, when he brought the car into the complainant`s garage, he was no longer entitled to the car that a thief would have had; In these circumstances, the applicants were unable to assert a right of guarantee against the owners who were not involved in setting up with them for compensation. The lack of ownership of the merchandise in the tenant means that it is a general rule, it cannot transfer the property to a third party. Any alleged transport of the goods, through the sale, collateral or execution of a prospectus, does not result in the transfer of the goods to a third party for nemo dat quod non habet. 3. The rental-purchase price of the machines and equipment mentioned on Rs. … excluding the amount of the deposit covered in the following clause and the entry price set for the aid … accepted by both parties. 5. During the course of this agreement, the tenant of the company pays an amount of Rs. … as a rental fee, in advance, the first of these payments to be made on the execution of this agreement and any subsequent monthly payment is made on or before the … This date is as follows: Payment is made at the company`s headquarters only in cash or by cheque on behalf of the company.

    (7) During the period of application of this agreement, the tenant maintains these machinery and equipment in good condition and maintains them properly, as a prudent man would, and replaces any lost or unused or broken parts. 24. If these machines and equipment are lost or completely destroyed or damaged beyond repairs by fire, flood, earthquake or other reason, the tenant must repair the damage to the company, the loss of the market price of existing machinery and equipment at the time, or the rental price targeted at the point (3), plus the amount of the right to insurance is greater : , which, if this amount is, will be adapted to this price. 18. The tenant is required to pay the rental fee on a monthly basis, whether these machines and facilities work or remain inactive for lack of work or for some other reason. 23. In the event of termination of this contract by termination in due course or previously by the company or tenant, or by any other means, as stated above, the company is required to pay the tenant the amount of the down payment less than the amounts that the tenant must pay to the company for the rental costs or by other means and the expenses to be paid or paid to the tenant with respect to these gifts to reimburse and reimburse not to pay by him. Stanley rented his house in Highlands Gardens to Oliver. The lease was signed by both parties and the lease was to last two years.

    Stanley has domestic problems with his wife. Stanley`s wife recently rushed to Oliver`s rented premises and threatened to drive him and his family away if they did not evacuate the rented premises. Oliver did not violate the terms of the lease and was aggrieved. Oliver`s advice on his right-wing rights and the remedies available to him. As soon as a rental company makes available to the tenant the necessary facilities to buy and take his property as a motor vehicle, his participation consists in receiving monthly payments, whether the vehicle is operated or not operated. It has no custody or control over this vehicle or those who operate it, including the tenant or driver. The fact that his name appears in the registration is no longer used to guarantee his financial participation in the motor vehicle and, therefore, his name is withdrawn after the full repayment of the loan. He is not a servant or an agent of the tenant.

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