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  • 09. April 2021

    Double Taxation Agreement Germany Kenya

    For Kenyans living in Germany, there is a double taxation agreement between the two countries, which was signed in May 1977 and came into force in 1980, if you wish to read it in German/English. For Kenyans in other Diasporas, you will find the agreements or at least their status here and here. The income tax law you can find here is also mentioned above. Kenya has double taxation agreements with the following countries: through its tax law, Germany intends to avoid both double taxation and double non-taxation of individuals and businesses. Everyone must pay their fair share of the tax in their place of residence or in the place where they operate. Where there is a double taxation agreement (TD), double taxation is generally avoided by exempting foreign income with increase. Foreign income tax can only be cross-referenced with German income tax if a tax credit is granted in the applicable DTT or if there is no DTT. A tax credit is only possible up to the amount of German tax on specific foreign income. BulgariaThe colour-encoded world map shows the countries with which Germany concluded a double taxation agreement on income and capital taxes on 1 January 2019, as well as agreements on legal assistance and mutual assistance (including the exchange of information). It also shows the countries with which Germany is negotiating such agreements for the first time. There is also an agreement between the German Taipei Institute and the Taipei Representative Office in Berlin.

    Since the Federal Republic of Germany has never recognized Taiwan as a sovereign state, this agreement is not an international treaty. However, the structure and content of the agreement is based on the OECD model convention. Hong Kong and Macao are specific administrative regions of the People`s Republic of China; Chinese general tax law does not apply to it. This means that the double taxation conventions between the Federal Republic of Germany and the People`s Republic of China do not apply to Hong Kong and Macau. The card does not contain an agreement on inheritance and donation fees or an agreement on the vehicle tax.

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