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  • 09. April 2021

    Collective Agreement Teknikavtalet

    First, through the adaptation of collective agreements and guidance and training, particularly in labour and business law. Secondly, by influencing economic policy issues both in Sweden and within the EU, in order to promote innovation and business development. These include, for example, educational and research conditions and attracting talented future candidates for engineering and technology training. The association is made up of two employers` organisations: Teknikarbetsgivarna (for engineering employers) and Tekniktjonstearbetsgivarna (engineering employers). Each of them signs collective agreements with the main unions in our industries. One is Teknikavtalet (collective agreement, Engineering Company) and the other is Tekniktjonsteavtalet (collective agreement, Engineering Services Company). MBL also regulates the right to exert influence through the collective agreement. At Scania, we are covered by the Teknikavtalet collective agreement. In addition to Teknikavtalet, we also have local agreements, such agreements can be defined by both a Scania and AF initiative. The Inhyrningsavtalet is an example of a local agreement that was reached by our initiative. Our members and we are historic because we are part of the Swedish model. The Swedish model was founded in 1938 and means that our working conditions are largely governed by collective agreements and that labour law imposes only a minimum level.

    The content of the collective agreement is negotiated between unions and employers. The conditions we have today cannot be taken for granted, because there is a constant struggle between employers and us union representatives over what conditions should be. For us to be a strong negotiator, we need active trade union organizations and a large number of members. Swedish mechanical engineering companies provide the solutions that will enable them to meet the greatest challenges of our time. These companies are members of Teknikf-retagen. In collaboration with our member companies, the association builds on Sweden`s historical roots as a powerful innovative and technical nation. New technologies and new business models will provide us with the tools to meet the greatest challenges of our time. The Swedish mechanical engineering industry plays a leading role in such developments. We strengthen the competitiveness of our member companies in two respects: Scania`s directors play an important role in our responsibility to engage with the employer and express our members according to their opinions and needs. We inform our members of the major changes that are planned and we give them the opportunity to have a say before making decisions! AF is an association of all Scania employees who are members of a union within Saco.

    Our mission is vast, but in short, that is what we do; Call us on 08-782 08 00 or email us at info@teknikforetagen.se. If you are a member of Sveriges Ingenjur, Akavia (Jusek – Civilekonomerna) Naturvetarna or another saco union, AF is your union representative at Scania. We strive to make Scania even better for you as an academic. To become a member! The basis of our work at Scania is the Participation Act (MBL).

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