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  • 05. Dezember 2020

    Cancellation Of Consumer Agreement Form

    The credit contract must contain the following specific information in order for it to be legally binding and enforceable: as a trader, you are required to provide information on how they can terminate their contract as well as the means to do so (a form in a mandatory format that your customer can use to inform you). If a contract from a direct seller, online or remote, or if it is for future services, personal development or a travel club, it must be written. Written contracts containing all the necessary information must be submitted to the buyer within 15 days of purchase. In the case of a direct sale contract, the written contract must be submitted to the buyer without delay. The seller must also provide you with a retraction form that you can use. If you decide to cancel, you should close it and send it back to the seller. Also keep proof that it was sent (for example. B a copy of an email or booking certificate as well as a copy of the cancellation document). A consumer cannot refuse to accept delivery or refuse the start of services and then attempt to terminate the contract due to delays.

    If you ask our office to assess whether you are entitled to revoke a particular agreement with respect to the provisions of the law within the meaning of the law or on another basis, you can contact the following lawyers: false statements or misrepresentations that cause a consumer to enter into a contract may cancel that contract. This means that each party can terminate the contract if it wishes. But misrepresentation must amount to a large part of the contract and not to a few minor details, and the contract must be terminated within a reasonable time. Note: This is not the same situation as if your client expressly votes on the withdrawal period. Section 14 of the Act in the reading of Regulation 5 deals with the termination of a fixed-term contract and the closing period considered a fixed-term contract. But while you need to specify the retraction form in your system or process, the consumer is not obligated to use it. It can warn you in any way it likes and in hard or soft copy. These include a letter or a written note, an email or even an SMS. Section 14 of the Act can be used as a necessary instrument for a consumer who wishes to terminate a fixed-term contract, whether the contract was concluded in writing or by telephone.

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