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  • 04. Dezember 2020

    Breakthrough Agreement Deutsch

    SEBASTIAN Fischer, spokesman for the COUNCIL of the EU, called the agreement an „agreement for Europe.“ Matteo Patrone, Director General of the EBRD for Eastern Europe and the Caucasus, signed the agreement on behalf of the Bank and said: „This cooperation to strengthen anti-corruption measures in the road sector will serve as a pilot – and a litmus test – for a wider programme to combat corruption and good governance. , supported by the EBRD and aimed at all Ukrainian companies and public institutions. The European Greens claimed victory on Thursday (December 5th) after EU negotiators agreed on a green financial strategy to channel billions of private investors` money into clean technologies. Coal and, in principle, nuclear power are out of the country. Months of battle ended with a 2021-2027 budget agreement. It will open the door to green investments, but also to coronavirus funds. However, ratification by national parliaments is not yet complete. It is therefore clear that our proposal will not „reopen the approval of heads of state and government,“ as the Council says. Instead, the Council invents new „red lines“ for itself. At this stage of the negotiations and in the current context, this is irresponsible,“ concluded the negotiating team.

    In the context of a project funded by the German Aerospace Centre, the researchers have made a breakthrough: it is for this reason that it is an excellent result that, thanks to the ECJ ruling of 3 July 2012, the breakthrough for the trade in second-hand software licenses, long sought after by industry and commerce as well as by public authorities and public services. , is finally reached. „The Council has blindly refused to consider this possible breakthrough and has again argued that it has touched a `red line` defined by the European Council of July 2020. Parliament has a negotiating mandate; The Council has a number of red lines. The forest and environmental sector is witnessing the first success of Cameroon`s efforts to make a breakthrough in protecting its natural resources and reducing poverty. As soon as governments and Parliament agree on the details, the agreement can be ratified by the national parliaments of the 27 EU member states. The money is expected to be paid in the second half of next year. We are learning important technological and commercial advances.

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