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  • 12. September 2021

    Billing Agreement

    It is possible that a settlement agreement may be issued by a non-sponsored funding source in circumstances similar to sponsored billing agreements, but with variations in the process based on specific circumstances. Contact the SPA SRA, which is assigned to your department, for more information on non-sponsored billing agreements. Some restrictions may be added to the billing agreement after being confirmed. In this case, the settlement agreement is deferred to the suspended status. You must take the corrective action described below and confirm once again the billing agreement with the ConfirmBillingAgreement operation before calling the CreateOrderReferenceForId or AuthorizeOnBillingAgreement operations. Use the /billing-agreements resource to create, update, view details, invoice balance, cancel, reactivate, set, suspend balance, list, and execute transactions. The start date and time of this Agreement in internet format and at the time. The start date must be at least 24 hours after the current date, as it can take up to 24 hours for the agreement to be activated. The start date and start time of the agreement creation requirement may not match the start date and start time that the API returns in the response to the execution agreement. When you run an agreement, the API internally converts the start date and start time at the beginning of the day to the time zone of the reseller account.

    For example, the API converts a start date and start time 2017-01-02T14:36:21Z for an account in the Berlin time zone (UTC+1) to 2017-01-02T00:00:00. When the API returns this date and time in the execution agreement response, it displays the date and time converted to the UTC time zone. The internal start date and departure time of 2017-01-02T00:00:00 will therefore be external to 2017-01-01T23:00:00. You can take corrective action to repair the billing agreement and remove restrictions before calling the ConfirmBillingAgreement process. The table below presents the restrictions and corrective measures you need to take to remove the restriction: A billing agreement is a binding agreement between two local institutions, which is used when an investigator/researcher/trainee is employed by one institution and works on another local institution. Settlement agreements apply to the. A billing agreement object is only allowed to create an order return with the CreateOrderReferenceForId operation or to request a payment authorization with the AuthorizeOnBillingAgreement operation, after confirming the billing agreement by calling the ConfirmBillingAgreement operation. The call to the ConfirmBillingAgreement operation is only successful if there are no restrictions for the purpose of the billing agreement. Restrictions indicate whether important information is missing or not.

    You do not have the right to enter into this contract. Your billing agreement PayPal allows us to automatically debit your account PayPal for invoices due and new orders, which will save you from ensuring that your invoices will be paid on time and allow you to leave the billing for us…

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