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  • 08. April 2021

    Audi Loaner Car Agreement

    Even worse!, Audi only pays for your crappy rental for ONE DAY! So if it`s really something wrong with your car, you have to return it to the dealership to turn it off with a lender (if you have one), or you have to pay for the rent out of your own pocket. As I`ve already explained, the point is not that Audi has to have a rental vehicle for each customer every time (although that`s not bad), the fact is that they need a better overall system. Worse, why is Audi`s official car rental policy paid for the cheapest business rent? Not having enough Audi rental cars can be forgiven, but letting your customers drive a Chevrolet Aveo if your „Premium“ product needs to be repaired or maintained is inappropriate, offensive and harmful to the Audi brand. I love my car, I love the Audi brand and I really believe that Audi makes the best cars in the word. However, I am embarrassed by the company`s service, especially rental car, policy. · We are not responsible for personal belongings left in the rental vehicle, so be sure to get your garage door opener, parking card, sunglasses, et cetera out of the vehicle. Without being your vehicle when it`s time for service, this can be a big problem. We rely every day on our Audis to come to work, drop off children at school or run errands. At Audi Mission Viejo, we understand how difficult it can be and that`s why we offer you a free rental vehicle with your service visit. I have had my Audi in service on 3 different occasions and they always have a new player ready at my place of business. There has never been a problem with the loan companies. Audi should have a rental car MORE TIME.

    If you don`t have a rental vehicle, you should feel bad because it doesn`t think much about you, and you should show that you`re trying to do it right down to the customer. It is not normal for a brand with the Audis cache to expect its customers to be satisfied with the cheapest company rental car if its own products (cars) need work. It`s obvious. To make your life easier, if you`re transporting your car for a maintenance appointment, you`ll receive a free Audi rental vehicle. No need to go through trouble, to have someone to pick you up or drop you off. Contact our service appointment coordinators to make the necessary arrangements. Here are some helpful tips if you receive a loan player from us: Why do dealers never have an Audi rental car at your disposal? (I was in 6 service centers in 3 countries and 2 countries, never one of them had a rental car at his disposal) Not once has one of the above dealers had a rental vehicle.

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