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  • 03. Dezember 2020

    Art Purchase And Sale Agreement

    4. The parties acknowledge that the artist made available to the purchaser photos of each object of the artist`s works belonging to the artist at the time of this agreement. The price at which the buyer proposes to sell each of these items should not be less than the price set on the back of this photo. The parties jointly determine the minimum selling price to be paid for the works of art to be created by Artist during the duration of this contract. Minimum prices can be changed from time to time in a way determined by the parties. 8. Resale. The artist reserves the right to restrict the resale of the work. No work can be resold without the artist`s explicit and written consent. 5. Upon the sale of one of the works of art covered by this agreement, the buyer is reimbursed to the buyer, based on the actual net proceeds, for the initial shipping costs advanced in connection with this item. In addition, and in compensation for the buyer`s performance in connection with the sale of a given work, the buyer has the right to pay the quarterly artist the balance of the net proceeds of the sale in question as well as the buyer`s commission for the realization of such a sale with the remaining percentages of that balance, net of the sums earned to the buyer under that agreement. 3.

    Au cours de la période ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ L`acheteur est responsable de toutes les dépenses de ces expositions, y compris les frais de publicité et de catalogue et d`assurance, et supporte la totalité des frais de stockage de tous les objets d`achat de l`artiste livrés à l`acheteur conformément au présent accord. ACCORD on the sale and transfer of a work of art the______ on the date of the Drew Kopf, whose office is located in the offices of Geoffrey Drew Marketing, Inc. 3000 Hempstead Turnpike, Suite 305, Levittown, NY 11756, and [collector name here], referred to as „the collector,“ is located under [collector`s address] with respect to the sale of a particular work of art called „the work.“ CONSIDERING that the artist created the work and has the right, title and interest; and CONSIDERING that the artist wants to sell the work; and CONSIDERING that the collector wants to buy it; NOW, THEREFORE, taking into account the aforementioned premises and reciprocal commitments, the following alliances and conditions, and other valuable considerations that the parties agree to adopt in this regard, as follows: 1.

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