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  • 03. Dezember 2020

    Ankara Agreement Nedir

    The British Ministry of the Interior has changed the conditions of the permanent residence permit for citizens of the Republic of Turkey who came to the country the previous week to set up a business under the Ankara agreement and turned a blind eye to this type of visa. The most significant change occurred during the session`s permanent application period. Today, those who are covered by this visa can apply for a British passport after 6 years and not 5 years. So what is the Ankara agreement? Who can apply? Is there a capital limit and a need for education? What is this Ankara Treaty and a visa obligation agreement? What awaits those who want to become citizens of this place during the application process? On 16 March 2018, the UK Home Office issued a statement saying that requests for permanent sittings had been suspended until new applications were made. The reason given was the Aydodu case. The summary of the case is as follows: Mustafa Aydo-du, a cleaning agent mandated by Ankara, brings his wife and son to Turkey under the current agreement in the United Kingdom, about 6 months before applying for a permanent residence permit. However, only Mustafa Aydo-du, from the Aydodu family, who has applied for an indeterminate period and has been living in the UK for four years, is entitled to this right. His wife Hatice Aydo-du and his son`s request were rejected. The family continued these refusals and, on March 8, 2017, after a two-year legal process, the Supreme Court overturned the refusal. The court decides that „even the applicant does not need to obtain a residence permit, leave the spouse and child behind,“ and sends them to the Home Office to do what is necessary. The decision of 16 March 2018 has nothing to do with the UK`s exit from the EU (Brexit).

    The department is implementing the court order. After almost three months of work, the new conditions were announced as law on June 15, 2018. You can apply for the agreement with the UK as a partner of a company.

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