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  • 02. Dezember 2020

    Agreement Of Massage Therapist

    At times, an independent contract for massage therapists will include a non-competition clause. This section discusses whether the massage therapist can stand within a certain radius of the company when he leaves the company. If this provision is contained, it usually contains a distance and a period. The agreement could, for example, be that the massage therapist will not be able to work within a 30-mile radius for a year in order not to pick up the company`s clients. Article „V. Clothing/Clothing“ requires us to define whether the company requires the massage therapist to wear a uniform If so, check the first control box instruction in this section and describe the clothing the company expects the massage therapist to wear during working hours, or quote an institution with this information represented in this section. If the massage therapist should not wear a specific uniform or clothing, mark the second box at cost. In the sixth part of this document, we need to define the „payment method“ that the company will use to compensate the massage therapist. That is, how many times the massage therapist can expect to pay for his or her benefits.

    You can activate the checkbox „Daily,“ „Week,“ „Bi-Week,“ „Monthly“ and „Other.“ Note that the last selection of boxes contains an empty line in which a certain compensation plan can be declared more accurately if necessary. The following example indicates a monthly salary plan. Some massage therapists will be forced to pay rent to the company to maintain the employment contract between the two. If this is a precondition for this working relationship, mark the first cot box in the seventh article („Location VII“). You must fill in the rental amount on the empty line after the dollar sign in this statement and report the physical address of the room rented by the massage therapist in the last three empty spaces. If the company does not require the massage therapist to pay the rent, activate the box attached to the „unpaid rent.“ The eighth article will determine whether the company or massage therapist should pay for the devices and supplies used during working hours during the massage. Check the „Company“ box if the company has to pay for these items, if the massage therapist has to pay for the devices and consumables used, check the checkbox with the inscription „Contractor.“ The next article, which requires attention, is „IX.

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